Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I did what I'm sure was right. And now? I am supposed to feel heavy-hearted, sodden with the tears I haven't cried. I am supposed to be looking back and doubting whether I did the right thing. I am supposed to look over my shoulder wondering if he's there, I am supposed to wonder how he is feeling, what he is doing right now.

That's how it has been other times, anyway.

But instead, I feel light. Empty, maybe. I am light as a leaf. I could blow away on the wind, up into the sky, to the domain of the sun. When the wind lets me go, I will drift (not plummet) earthward. The air will pass me along, hand to hand, never dropping me, because I am no burden. My chest is full of wind and sun: spacious and gracious.

If I blow away into the cloudless sky, don't worry--I'll be back.

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