Saturday, March 7, 2009


Supposedly this is a kids' song. But I think it's profound.
Your words are life to me
Your face is all I seek
Your truth is everything I need
Your words are life to me

Your wisdom set the world in place
You understand just how to chart the heavens
Your knowledge divided the deep blue seas
No wonder your words are life to me


Your wisdom guides me every day
You understand just how I need direction
Your knowledge provided my every need
No wonder your words are life to me

(repeat, and repeat, and repeat)

I learned this song over the summer, while helping run Day Camp at my church. I knew the lyrics were good, but it didn't occur to me that maybe they hadn't been written for this song. Turns out, though, that the words for the verse are straight out of Proverbs, which I figured out when I was reading a couple weeks ago and ran into words that sounded suspiciously familiar... I love it when I recognize verses I didn't realize I knew.

My favorite thing here is the lovely parallelism between the two verses, which subtly conveys that God's direction of my life is not so different from His direction of the world. I have been thinking lately about unity, because I'm leading a study on Ephesians, which is all about bringing everything into a unified whole. It's so easy to think I'm doing everything on my own, so I have to try harder; or that my life isn't significant, because the world is so much bigger; or that my concerns are irrelevant to God's plan because they aren't connected to anything. But "in Him all things hold together" (Col. 1:17)

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