Wednesday, March 18, 2009

19 > 20

19 is a better number than 20, because 19 is prime and because it's an in-between, an on-the-threshold, a liminal spot on the timeline of life. (The thresholds are where Things Happen. For instance, Persephone is stolen into a cave, the border between Above and Below). 19 is between borders, in No Man's Land. 20 is planted on the Adult side of the equation.

20 is round, even, nicely divisible. Settled, responsible, directed, getting everything figured out. 19 is pointy, intractable, produces remainders, reaches toward the sky, wanders across meadows, chases butterflies into the woods. 20 has to be home in time to cook dinner and wash the dishes before the food dries on them. 19 eats two dozen cookies and has a stomach ache later on, but doesn't care, because they were just that good. 20 stops after 4 cookies, or eats the rest in a frenzy of guilt, and regrets it immediately. 19 moves on, staring at the sky.

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Tia said...

what a great post in which to wish you a happy birthday :P