Tuesday, April 1, 2008

East Village Opera Company

I saw them perform on Sunday night, and I was sitting in the third row. It was absolutely amazing. The singers were so into the lyrics--vivid facial expressions, dramatically changing postures, emotion-saturated movements. . . I also loved the contrast of the two delicate violins with the rawness of the electric guitar. Despite the difference in sound and attitude in the two instruments, they complemented each other, rather than clashing or overwhelming each other. They both have so much energy. . .

The fake fog and the variously colored spotlights also added to the performance, and definitely made it feel more like a rock concert, despite the violins and cello and classical tunes. In general, the show was a fascinating blend of associations in presentation and in sound.

p.s. It was odd to find out how many opera tunes I recognize but had never categorized as opera music.

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