Sunday, February 24, 2008

The name of the blog

sums up its expected contents. I have long been fond of the word "sundry." People don't use it all that often, so it has a bit of an exotic flavor, but it's not Latinate so it doesn't strike me as overly pretentious. Also, it resembles some nice words: sandy, sun-dried, sunny, etc. And of course, its meaning is relevant: I probably will be writing about all sorts of trivial and barely related things.
Verities: Another little-used word. This one has a lot of personal connotations for me: my semi-twin (LMV), the gospels in the KJV ("verily, verily I say unto thee..."), all the synonyms of "verily" and the boy I shared that joke with (forsooth, indeed, etc.; my high school boyfriend). Meaning-wise, I am using Tim O'Brien's sense of truth, as defined in The Things They Carried, i.e., encompassing both literal truth and "story truth."

I think this description/analysis of the name says a lot about me, both by its actual content and by its sheer existence.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh jenny
u r so cool!!!!
i like your layout.
<3 sheri