Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In which a rabbit is temporarily absent

Hazel is at the vet, recovering from being neutered. The house is quiet without him crashing around the living room and threatening to pee on the couch and eat my laptop cable. He should be back tomorrow along with most of his energy.

I submitted my first application for graduate school yesterday, and now I am taking a much-desired break from applications for a few days. What this really means is that I am frantically trying to catch up on Communications Coordination for church, for which I have been doing the bare minimum lately. A newsletter is supposed to go out the day after tomorrow, and I don't have any of the articles written.

However, today was a real break, because O. and I visited King Spa, a Korean sauna/spa. We might have postponed the trip indefinitely if the Groupon generously given to us by friends had not been expiring today. I'm glad we were forced to go today, because it was a great experience. More on that tomorrow.

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