Monday, December 31, 2012

California Horizons

O. and I are planning to move out here to California at the end of June, after my sister graduates from her east coast school. I can't wait--well, I can wait and I am glad to stay a while longer because there are plenty of things still undone in our current life in NJ/NY. Places to see, relationships to deepen.

But I can't wait to look out on the horizon and see mountains every morning, purple-blue against the clear sky. I can't wait to exercise in the sun all year round, and to breathe hard without the insidious sense that I am poisoning my lungs. I can't wait to visit the marshes weekly or even daily and see the waterbirds swimming and diving in a habitat that has been preserved or restored intentionally, not wantonly filled in and built on.

Yesterday evening, Mom and I drove out to the Foster City dog park with my parent's little poodle. The sun was beginning to set as we unleashed the dog. She tore back and forth across the green grass--imagine that, green grass and flowers in December! The water in the marsh just across the park's fence reflected the glowing sky. Beyond it the mountains stood, and beyond them an open sky.

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