Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letters of recommendation

I'm working on applications to graduate programs in linguistics right now, and I secured recommendation letters from three of the professors who know me best before Thanksgiving. But this weekend, one of them suggested that it would be good to get another recommendation from a linguist (since my current recommenders feature one linguist, one psycholinguist, and one English prof). And this after she had also suggested it would be good to get a letter from a professor in computer science! (my minor, which I don't intend to pursue seriously in the future).

So tonight I forced myself to ask and ask and ask. I just finished writing four emails to professors to whom I haven't talked in at least a year and a half, or two and a half years for some. Please write me a recommendation letter! I need it a week from today!

Surprisingly, the emails to the professors I know better (the three I asked originally) were much harder to write. Tonight's emails felt rather low-stakes: the worst that can happen is that I embarrass myself a little.

I hope at least one of them says yes!

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