Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Dear Reader,

I have been absent from this blog a long time. Many things have transpired:

O. and I had some huge arguments, settled back down, then finally sought out a counselor. My best friend stayed with us for two weeks, commuting into the city to work at a publishing company. I read a book on attachment theory and another on codependence.

I went to Turkey with O., his parents, my parents, and my sister. We swam in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, we touch marble columns and walked under arches in the ruins of Ephesus, we ate meat every day for two weeks. I picked up more Turkish. I met O.'s grandparents and his cousin and her husband and her two small boys, one of whom had chickenpox.

We came back home. My sister stayed with us for ten days. The girl rabbit was discovered to be a boy. O. and I went camping for a weekend. The anniversary of our wedding arrived, and we watched together a rom-com ("The Holiday") that O. had watched to mend his broken heart when I cut off our friendship three and a half years ago, in the days before our worlds meshed.

I started a part-time job for our church; my title is Communications Coordinator. I sent out some emails. Then I came down with chickenpox and we went to the ER.

And now finally here I am, re-acquainting myself with this blog, with the internet, with writing at all. Normally after a long absence from blogging, I just pick up wherever I am and continue my reacting-to-the-moment blogging. This time, I want to actually write about the things that happened in the past couple months. I feel willing, for the first time, to let this blog be more of a story, a comprehensible narrative, and less of a series of fragments. This time I want to bind the fragments together, and let a whole scene come into view.

This post is going to be the itinerary. I have a lot of things to reflect on and I want to do a lot of the reflecting here, at least one post per paragraph. This is the beginning, or a beginning, since life and reflecting on life seem to require beginning again and again. This is another beginning.

And here we go.

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sarawr said...

love this: "This is the beginning, or a beginning, since life and reflecting on life seem to require beginning again and again."

looking forward to reading :)