Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's been almost a month since I posted. I think that means I need to post almost every day until the end of the month, which might be difficult because Spring has arrived! The sky is blue again. The trees burst into blossom and put out twists of leaves. In the park, the male pigeons strut about puffed up like turkeys, dragging their stiffened tails on the ground. The female pigeons turn their backs and walk away, pecking at the grass. (I don't have to play those games any more, and for this too I am so grateful.)

Thank God for sunshine burning hot, for the softening of tree branches bare for so long; for the darting sparrows, the strutting pigeons; for squirrels popping out from behind tree trunks, streaming across the grass; for the promise of green whispering leaves, for the memory of their shifting shadows and of the light that percolates through the verdant canopy, falling at last to mark the ground with overlapping circles of sun; for the arrival of Spring, for the nearness of Summer; for the covenant that the Seasons will keep turning, that Spring will never not come, that night will never be eternal; for the endurance of Life and for the end of sleep and cold and death; for Life and Light; for Himself.

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