Monday, November 21, 2011

Baseboard heater contents

For your combined amusement and horror (or perhaps simply sympathy, if you have lived in a brownstone yourself), a list of things I have vacuumed out of our baseboard heaters in the past week:
  • 3 leaves, of a shape that does not match the leaves on the trees outside, whose highest branches end ten feet below our windows anyway
  • 1 green thumbtack
  • a round plastic thingy that goes on 
  • several lumps of plaster, presumably from when these walls got replastered, almost certainly from the previous millennium :P
  • 1 feather, dark brown and crumpled
  • at least 100g of what looks like sand. What it actually is, I really can't say. I've vacuumed it up before but it keeps coming back...
  • 15 cents in pennies and dimes
  • copious spiderwebs
  • plenty of what appeared to be cat hair but may have actually been (a) dog hair or (b) more spiderwebs
  • dust
  • dust
  • dust
  • and more dust
  • [update:] ball-point pen
  • [update:] at least 3 screws
How most of these things got into our heaters is a mystery. I can only hope that now that they're out, my allergies will go down and maybe the chronic fatigue will dissipate.

But let me stop a moment to be grateful: for a vacuum cleaner, for the narrow pointy attachment on the vacuum cleaner, for electricity; for heaters, for the pilot light on the furnace finally being lit, for the furnace working properly, for the expansion tank on the furnace not leaking or blowing up; for an apartment; for private space.

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