Monday, October 17, 2011

Kitchen Gratitude

Some things in my kitchen that make me happy every time I use them:
  • garlic press
  • attachment for garlic press that pokes through the little holes and cleans it
  • stainless steel strainer so I can drain pasta and not worry that the plastic is going to melt like the plastic spoon that my sister stirred hot rice with and which, curved in ways not intended by its designer, is now part of an artwork on our wall
  • ladle for the soups that are half my diet
  • actual hot pads, crocheted by my aunt
  • a wok that is finally developing its non-stick coating, now that I know not to wash it with soap, as per this advice
  • a proper set of silverware, rather than the mismatched collection of yesteryear
  • cooking chopsticks, long enough to save my bare arms from flying oil drops
  • a second mixing bowl, which I originally did not appreciate but which I now rejoice to use, especially when the first one is already full. I especially appreciate that it is large enough for four pounds of bread dough!
  • a sauce pan: I've been cooking for myself for 3 years with only a stewpot, a wok and a cheap frying pan. This little sauce pan charms me every time I use it, whether for rice (which really doesn't belong in the huge stewpot), sauce (which spatters all over the stovetop if cooked in the frying pan), or hot chocolate.
  • steamer that is prettier and more effective than steaming things in Tupperware in the microwave
  • bamboo cutting boards with little feet, the wood sleek under my fingertips, natural and almost alive
  • orange heat-resistant spatulas! in three sizes! [added 10/21]

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