Thursday, February 10, 2011

More quotes: Snake

I was about to throw away the aforementioned piece of paper when I found more things written on it that I want to keep/remember:
        The snake is deeply troubling because it has no form.
Scrawled next to this, the word protean. PM also said that the snake evokes for humans our own viscera, and thus distresses us:
        What should be on the inside and hidden [guts, intestines] is,
in the snake, on the outside.
This exposure, this violation of boundaries, disturbs our sense of security and stability.


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Anonymous said...

That's super interesting Jen. We've been talking about inside/outside in Anthro so this is particularly interesting. Mary Douglas has this whole thing about categories, and inside/outside. Brison was talking about how spit is fine when its in our mouth, but to spit saliva out and then drink it again is disgusting. I think inside/outside has to do with sin and demons...external influence leading to internal sin? Dunno.