Thursday, February 12, 2009


I dreamed that I came out of my garage into the backyard. The lawn was far greener than usual, and my dog (who has been dead almost 2 years) came and greeted me in the eerie quiet. He carried my key ring in his mouth, and I took it from him. He followed me to the sliding glass door, which I unlocked--but as I was about to open it, I looked through the glass and saw that my father's body was collapsed on the floor by his desk. I knew at once that he had been murdered!

A moment later, my mother appeared from around the corner. Instead of screaming or calling the police, she started cleaning the scene up. Before she could see me, I scurried away, terrified because she had murdered my father.

I didn't go very far, though. I stood on the green, green lawn with my golden dog beside me, trying to call 911. Then the monstrous dream-mother found me, and attacked. My call to the police had reached only a voicemail (which I know from experience, as well as common sense, not to be the way 911 works). As dream-mother tried to murder me, too, I told the phone: "I'm reporting a murder. Someone is killing me! I'm at 3149 Page Street." The recorded voice said, "Thank you, that will be all."

The sky was very blue above me as I lay pinned on the grass. My attacker had grown to gigantic proportions. The sun was very bright also, but did not cast shadows. . .

I don't remember how the dream ended. But I dreamed several more just as strange. I hope this fever breaks soon.

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Jenny S. said...

oh this dream sounds so horrible... btw i stopped by this blog through "what dreams may come".. that's interesting hmmm..