Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Absurd Problem

I have more friends than I know how to deal with.* I wake up and talk to my wonderful roommate, and walk to class with a hilarious suitemate, and sit in class next to interesting classmates, and meet my surrogate "mother" or adoptive "son" for lunch, and come back to my wonderful roommate again, and go out to meet someone for dinner, and come back into a common room filled with still more friends. . .

I am blessed to have so many friends, and they are dear to me like a family. But the difference between family and friends is that you can sit in a room with family and without talking, for hours. After a month of mostly family, I need to relearn how to be with friends. I have to remember how to talk. I have to remember who I am when there are people all around me.

*This statement pertains more to my introversion than to my "popularity".

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