Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yesterday, instead of blogging or doing CS homework or sleeping, I had a discussion about paradoxes in Christianity. Specifically, Christ being both fully God and fully man, and the Trinity being fully three and fully one. I think I expressed at least a few things well, but seeing as I don't have a thorough understanding of either paradox myself, the discussion was at times frustrating. I find myself keenly reminded of my own limitations--of the varying depth of my comprehension, of the patchiness of my theological education, of my inadequate ability to articulation myself. The discussion humbled me, but it also exhilarated me, because we were both hearing each other. . .

Can anyone point me to articles or books that would help remedy the gaps in my grasp of these paradoxes? (I'm currently reading Orthodoxy, and I'm hoping that will address them a bit, but I need repetition.)

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legodesi said...

Midnight conversations on dense theological/philosophical ideas are great. All I'd add to it is a cup of joe.

The following two texts were good to start on. The problem is that the first one is rather dry and suspiciously shallow. The second one is really abstract and hard to figure out, but probably more in-depth.