Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Am Puzzled

I have been talking to so many boys, and it is weird. I wish I knew: Are boys more likely to talk to smart girls than other girls are? If a boy asks for a girl's number, is he always thinking of it as "asking for a girl's number", or can it just be "asking for a classmate's number"? Why do boys confide in girls? Do boys talk to each other about their problems?

Why do so many boys talk to me? Why do I talk to so many of them?

I almost think it would be simpler for me to be a boy, given my personality. Then I could be friends with all of them, and not think about whether they were thinking of me as a girl or just as a person. Not that I actually wish I wasn't a girl, at all. But it would be simpler. Maybe.

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