Thursday, September 4, 2008

La Rentree

It's been multiple fortnights since I posted anything here, but now that I'm done working and am back at school, I fully intend to get back to posting something (no matter how short) every day that is not Sunday.

Human activities such as attending school have distinct stop and start points, but no matter what the calendar says, the seasons turn over gradually. Here I am: across the country again, spending my day in classrooms again, keeping notebooks again. Here I am, thinking it's fall again. But outside the confines of my own scant life, the sun still blazes as hotly as it did in August. The verdant forest still drinks in the light, and the sky arches its blue back as it did all summer. The calendar announces September's arrival, but the world turns slowly.

As slowly as the seasons change, I change slower. The contents of my mind remain tangled. Summer's passage may have loosened the knots, but I still cannot follow the path of any one thread. Here I am, in confusion again. Here I am, making the same decisions again. I am back to my problems, back East, back to French, back to work, back to my friends, back to my habits. But I want my habits to change, like the color of the leaves. I want to pass into a new season.

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Anonymous said...

You captured my feelings exactly...Reminds me, of course, of the Sarah Groves song, "Like a Skin".