Saturday, April 12, 2008


Went to a "Renaissance Masquerade Ball" tonight. It was like prom, but three dollars instead of $40... and with rubber ducky souvenirs. I was told I was good at dancing and asked if I go clubbing often. What?

What does it even mean to be good at dancing these days? I know I have absolutely no capacity for choreography, which was rather the essence of dancing skill back in the day. Perhaps "good at dancing" now mostly means being able to focus entirely your body's movement--that intensity, that energy. It's always passion that attracts. When someone is into whatever they are doing, that focus exerts an almost magnetic pull. You want to look at them, to look at whatever they are looking at so intently. That's how it is with the good dancers: they are utterly absorbed in the motion and the music, in the moment. They hold your eye.

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