Tuesday, March 11, 2008


(I feel like that should be spelled "scategories" or "scattegories"...)
Subtitle: In which I demonstrate my capacity to obsessively hang on to details.

One time, I was playing Scattergories with my family, and for the category "Things you find in a dorm room" I put down "jigsaw puzzle." My dear mother scoffed at this. My father looked skeptical. My sister laughed outrageously. I, however, protested that I would sometime have a jigsaw puzzle in my dorm, and that surely there are college students who have puzzles. My family did not believe me, but they allowed me the point anyway.

Today, I found a jigsaw puzzle in a dorm.

It made me happy because I love puzzles and because it was fun to discover that the girl I'm going to room with next year does, too. But it made me extra happy because I vividly remember being doubted in Scattergories. And now, I have been vindicated. It's not as though it matters at all. But still. This means I win.

I love puzzles.

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Tia said...

There's actually a puzzle in the RA office. And Alex Nagler's suite had been working on one for quite some time. In fact, whenever someone from that suite gets truly frustrated, they yell out "PUZZLE!" as their interjection of choice..